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The Crystal Gem Baths


Experience a sense of calm serenity with the vibration of consecrated and energised Crystal Gem Baths with Crystal Healing Gem Bath Stones. Place the bag of Crystal Gem Bath Stones directly into your bath water  and enjoy the healing vibrations. The use of Himalayan Bath Sea Salt will increase the conductivity of the bath stone energies.

“What could be more natural than taking a bath with your favorite rocks? Actually, to those of us who work with stones spiritually, it makes a lot of sense. We understand already that water can take on the energetic pattern of crystals, stones or other materials. Well-known practices such as homeopathy are based on this. And we have learned that our own bodies are composed largely of water-based liquid crystals, which can also take on the energetic patterns of what they connect with. When the energies around the body are harmonious, our cells can resonate with that harmony and embody the essence of it. This causes something termed coherence, which means that our Liquid Crystal Body Matrix becomes more organized, more crystalline. So, placing carefully and consciously chosen stones in one’s bath is a way of attempting to increase our inner crystalline coherence in ways that will benefit us. In fact, parapsychology researchers have suggested that increased crystalline coherence on the cellular level can give rise to latent capacities such as telepathy and clairvoyance, as well as self-healing. So, I like to turn my bath into a metaphysical experience, and I hope you will too. We’ve chosen our Bath Stone combinations to be the best possible for each of their intended purposes and we have kept the prices much lower than the stones would normally add up to!”   

You Can Choose from the following :

1. Rose Quartz (Love)
2. Amethyst and Tourmaline (Psychic Protection)
3. Sodalite (Serenity & Peace)
4. Peach Moonstone (New Beginnings)

Instructions for Use:

* Start to fill bathtub with warm water you can do the same with bucket
* Scatter desired amount of Bath Sea Salt as your tub/bucket fills with water. A small handful will do (about 1 oz.). For  extreme aches and pains use about 2 oz.
* Place bag of Stones in bathtub/bucket as the water is filling the tub
* Make sure the salt is dissolved before entering
* Soak and enjoy the wonderful vibration
* Bath Crystal lasts Forever


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$ 150

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