Prana Lights (Candles & Holders)

Lighting candles in a clean space can give out relaxing vibes, and even induce a night of good sleep. The ancient science practised burning of candles for healing Doshas and curing mental stress. The natural aromas of flowers and herbs are powerful curers for the mind and body. Crystal Alchemy brings to you this old Ayurvedic healing technique through a range of organic, natural candles. Light these aromatic candles to relax those tensed nerves and get a quick sleep.

Prana Lights natural, paraben and lead-free range of candles have no additives or chemical colours, flavours or fragrances in them. These are made with Soy Wax and Bees Wax and every candle is low-smoking and burns for a long time. Prana Light candles are enriched with essential oils, and crystals thereby deepen the effect and experience of its varied energies based on colored prana.

On burning, these candles it emits the authentic smell of the handpicked fragrances and custom blends into the air, rendering the entire atmosphere pleasant and invigorating. These natural oil and crystal infused candles help relax and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. The beautiful crystal s help raise the vibration and also enhance the energy of the intention with which they are lighted.

Place your Prana Light Candle on the Altar/Office or Space and gently connect with yourself by closing the eyes and feeling your breath then just be mindful of your intention and light the candle. 

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