Prana Bath Essentials

“Prana Bath Essentials” takes inspiration from the ancient wisdom of the Ayurveda and use of coloured pranas- the founder of the brand Sargam is a renowned Pranic Healer and has carefully curated this range putting in her years of experience in energy healing and crystal. These are energised products vibrating with pranic energy.


With our line of natural handmade skin care products we hope to bring a small part of nature, with all its abundance, to you. Immerse yourself in these natural treasures and let them rejuvenate your senses and nourish your skin.




Our philosophy derives from our vision of health, nourishment, beauty and joy for all with a focus on conservation. Our products are, therefore, hand-made using low energy production processes, chemical-free, natural, free of preservatives and gentle on your skin. We do not test our products on animals or cause harm to nature. We have the utmost respect for the Earth and all its creatures.


Preserving nature and human welfare is a large part of why we do what we do. Hence, we support organisations working towards these goals. Your contribution also supports our projects of Zero Hunger Drive. Every purchase you make with us as we donate 5% of every rupee spent by you to feed the hungry and nourish souls.

Conscious Gifting for people who matter. This holiday season gift a Prana Bath Essential Hamper for wellbeing. Contains our 3 Signature Soaps and a beautiful hand poured candle and a Crystal for a Luxe Spa experience.
The sheer joy of using a massage soap Alchemy combines the goodness of coffee, Tea Tree oil and Himalayan pink salt. A deeply cleansing soap purifies the body and enhances well-being
Awakening the soap is great after a stressful day at work or home. It awakens the senses and brings in peace and serenity. Infused with the energy of crystals and mantras it is a powerful yet serene bath experience.
The magic of natural organic aroma oils, coloured prana, Himalayan pink salt and crystals can work wonder for your health and wellbeing. Specially created for health and wellbeing at all levels.

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