Healing Crystals

Crystal jewellery and a conscious lifestyle brand providing tools of empowerment, inspiration and wellbeing.
A beautiful set of 5 Relationship Harmony crystals consecrated to bring love and joy in life
From creating a love crystal grid to adorning your altar to charging your beauty products, the uses for this Rose Quartz plate are truly limitless.
Shungite is almost 2 billion years old. It is a very powerful and rare to find stone, and the healing properties that it holds have labelled it as a miraculous stone. The Shungite plates are excellent to use for neutralising EMF radiations
An excellent addition in your crystal collectibles just keep your crystal jewellery and crystals for cleansing at night and find them brimming with light the next morning
These natural quartz crystal points are the perfect crystals to use for directing healing energy, especially in body layouts and gridwork.
Clear Quartz Clusters radiate immense amounts of energy due to their many points, absorbing all the negative energy around them.
Natural Amethyst Points can be placed on the work desk or used as lamps. They have excellent healing energies and helps to calm down
Agate eye is a mysterious natural stone effectively energised and programmed for protection
Learn how to bring the magic and healing of crystals into your life with this great little book by renowned crystal expert, Judy Hall. Included are twelve of our most popular healing crystals.
Crystals for wealth, prosperity and success can provide an energetic layer of support as you embark on your career or investing efforts.
What if we tell you that with the use of crystals you can radiate an inner beauty, in addition to flawless glowing skin? Hand selected crystals for beauty just for you.
The psychic protection kit is your one stop solution to neutralising psychic attacks and unwanted negative energies.
Crystal Balls are great for sending energy homogeneously when programmed they can be used in awesome ways ask sargam to program one for you and feel the energy shift
An ideal way to raise your vibrations using the energised and consecrated Crystal Gem Baths
New Moon is a powerful time to perform Manifestation Rituals . Crystals for manifestation is your go to crystal kit for doing any manifestation rituals
Crystal Connect is a 30 mins session with Sargam on identifying the best crystals for you.
Crystals for Weightloss are 7 chosen crystals specially to aid Weightloss and emotional detox. This comes with an instruction video and a beautiful Guide

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