New Beginnings 2019

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How was the year gone by for you? Many of you will say it was good some will say ok.. some will say not good. Most people associate good and bad with random unplanned incidents that take place during the time frame of one calendar year. Very few people have a plan and vision for life which they break into yearly milestones. If you are one of them this program is for you. Each one of us is capable of living a magnificent life but most of us exit the world without even thinking about this one Question: Why Were You Here?

Every New Year you start with a list of resolutions and as you progress with the year the enthusiasm dissipates and your day to day to mundane routine takes over you. New Beginnings is an Online Workshop where you lay the foundation of an action-packed year aligned with your vision of life with carefully designed resolutions and goals in the 12 most important areas of your life. IIn this workshop, you start by letting go all that did not work in all the previous “New Years” and leverage on what has worked… this helps in creating end goals for ‘Life’ rather than focusing on what has never worked during the past years.


You will start by creating a compelling vision of where YOU want to head in 2019 and what you want to achieve in this year this will be aligned to your life’s bigger picture. This vision will become your North Star. This is what we will build right here. Sargam will help you in understanding your Vision For Life and this will guide you to align your New Year milestones with it. This will also provide guidance on how you can approach your Life Vision with carefully crafted Goals.

Sargam will help you in understanding how you can make more result oriented decisions in life by helping you connect with your inner compass. Once you have your decision-making framework in place where you can make good choices that are always aligned with your life vision, you're going to make progress. No question.


First, I want you to know that this is NOT just another lame goal-setting program you will have 1 year of group support and fortnightly Q& A with Sargam for your queries.


What will you receive as part of the package?

1. Your Personal 12 Life Category Assessment Sheet

You cannot improve that which you cannot measure. With your personal assessment sheet, you will understand that life does not becomes a Happy or Successful Life based only on Money, Success, Spirituality, Relationships or Career. To live a well-balanced life and to be able to experience contentment one has to work on 12 dimensions of life. These 12 Dimensions/Categories are Listed By Vishen Lakhiani in his Book, The Code of An Extraordinary Mind and are a brainchild of Jon Butcher.

Using these 12 Pilla ars as base you will be able to identify your personal life dimensions that need immediate attention and also that are doing just average.

2. 15 Days Daily Guidance 

You will receive daily guidance for 15 Days addressing these 12 dimensions this will include

1. The detail introduction of each life dimension

2. Daily Exercises to help you create a vision for every life dimension

3. Creative Visualization Audios for Health & Fitness and Financial Abundance

4. A Cleansing Meditation to help you have a healthy and radiant aura 

5. 45 minutes One on One session with Sargam to discover your Life Vision

6. Access to Watsapp and Facebook support group for one year

7. Gratitude Meditation (Audio)

7. Fortnighly Question and Answer Sessions

So what are you waiting for?? Put the virtue Constancy of Aim and Effort in action. Identify your vision of life and learn to create end goals vs means goals.

Most people have NO IDEA where to even BEGIN when it comes to getting clear on who they are, what they are all about, where they are going and how they’re going to get there…

Most people have NO IDEA where to even BEGIN when it comes to getting clear on who they are, what they are all about, where they are going and how they’re going to get there…

It’s like that passage in Alice in Wonderland…

“Cheshire Cat,” said Alice, “Would you please tell me which way I ought to go from here?”

“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.

“I don’t much care where…” said Alice.

“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the Cat.

“But I want to get SOMEWHERE,” Alice said.

“Oh, you’re sure to do that,” said the Cat, “if you walk long enough.”

Don’t be that person.

Because every minute that you’re not on your Life Path bringing your life’s vision into fruition is a HUGE loss… not just for you, but for humanity as a whole.


Testimonials from the New Beginnings 2017 & 2018 Workshop with Sargam


Everyone sets goals at the start of the ‘New Year’ – as did I, for many years. Then, like most others, I also suffered through seeing some of my best-laid plans go awry during the year. Here’s where I felt that Sargam’s ‘New Beginnings’ workshop made the biggest difference to my yearly planning exercise in 2017 – for once, I set sustainable goals that I’ve actually accomplished, and that are contributing in a very specific way towards a much larger vision for my life. In one year alone, I have accomplished goals in significant areas of my life, including life goals that go beyond just covering the basics of work, finances, and health.

When I now look back at 2017, it is actually with a sense of accomplishment, and with a certain forward momentum, that’s continued to propel me forward. Much of this has come from Sargam’s approach to the entire process of re-orienting one’s life – a very holistic approach where each participant has to introspect and understand exactly which areas of their life truly matter most to them, where are the blockages that are holding them back from getting to their goals, and just what is it that each one needs to do, in order to truly give their life a ‘new beginning’.

If I had to sum up my experience with this program, in exactly 3 words, I’d use ‘ Vision, Clarity, Focus ‘ – through New Beginnings, I have been able to develop a complete vision for my life, get clarity on exactly why I have a certain vision, and then break this down into realistically achievable mini goals and focus on achieving these. Today, I find my life to be far sorted than it has ever been before, and I can truly say that the catalyst for this has been the ‘New Beginnings’ program. I am absolutely looking forward to participating in the program for 2018!



Divya Sharma

HR Business Partner – InfoPro Learning & Compunnel Digital


The workshop brings in a lot of clarity in life and helps in aligning with our life vision , as it covers 12 dimensions of life we are able to have a complete look at life and craft a vision for yourself. A fantastic workshop.

Vikas Verma


There are so many New Year Goal Setting workshops but the guided visualisations and one on one inner child healings are a highlight of this workshop. The best part is we get an insight into 12 dimensions of our life and enough time to craft vision and goals for every dimension. The 21 Days were a fantastic Journey.

Rashi Sharma


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