Enlightened Relationships

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Enlightened Relationships!

This is a 21 Days Online Healing flagship program with an online community of more than 2500 participants from across the globe. Sargam started this series in 2014 with more than 7 consecutive workshops in 3 years and several happy stories. Sargam is a certified Pranic Healer and a Relationship Healing Workshop Facilitator. She has coached and facilitated healings for more than 500 clients and help them with their relationship issues.

What you can expect in these 21 Days


  • Raise Your Vibrations daily with Morning Gratitude Meditation

Gratitude is one of the highest energy vibrations that can bring you in higher frequency making you become a magnet for attracting postive situations and people in your life

  • Meditate daily using MCKS Twin Hearts Meditation

Strengthen your meditation practice for those learning this amazing meditation you will get an opportunity to meditate daily with a group. Experience the power of group meditation and blessings. The energies of a group are 10 times more as compared to meditating alone. 

  • Forgive and 'Let Go' of the Relationship Wounds

Group Forgiveness to release the past hurt and wounds using special forgiveness technique. Detoxify your self of toxic experiences of life. Release all unwanted baggage to make space for more happiness and joy in life.

  • Become Karmically entitled to Loving relationship

When you bless others for happy relationships you are becoming a lightworker spreading love and light. This entitles you Karmically for joy and peace in your life.

"As You Sow, You Shall Reap"

  • Heal Your Inner Child 

We will use inner child healing technique to heal the childhood patterns and traumas with your primary caregivers. This is a fantastic process that will be done online over Zoom.

  • Be Healed By A Group of Pranic Healers

Receive Daily Healings Happy and Nurturing Relationships


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