Blessings in My Life

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According to world's best Motivational Speaker and Mentor Tony Robbins There are 3 ways to become Super Successful 

1.      Be focus on what you really really want

2.      Massive action keep working towards what you want, keep working on your strategy, keep changing your approach till it shows results

3.      Grace, there is a part we do and then there is a part that comes to us that makes life much more than we can imagine.

Some call it luck, some call it God/Source/Universe, but I call it GRACE.

You can call anything you want but there is a guiding force that shows up in all of our lives. And the more you acknowledge it, the more it appears. The key to grace is being able to acknowledge the presence of grace in your life and this can be done through gratitude and the ability to count your blessings even in the worst of your times.

To understand the power of grace, you must understand that life is not about me; it’s about we. Anytime you do something that is greater than yourself, you get to a different level of insight. Your experience is enhanced. Life is really about creating meaning – and meaning doesn’t come from what you get; it comes from what you give.

So if you have done the first two steps in life and are looking for that luck factor to transform your life then this workshop is for you. In these 30 days you will work on Celebrating grace by being open to movements of grace in your life. To help you all this will be done in a group so we meditate bless and count our blessings and open ourselves up to GRACE.

Everything is energy , we see the material world as wave of energy (thought) that eventually manifests as a solid appearing object. So when Steve Jobs thought about the iphone no one would have wondered that this one thought would have manifested in a multi million dollar "iPhone" business. This is the power of that one THOUGHT and yes the above 3 steps helped it to make a reality.

Your vibration creates your expereince of life's ever changing phenomena, schedules your lineupof life events . You can use this powerful vibration to either focus on petty issues in life and spend your life just working on your life problems. Or you can use it to pay gratitude for what you have and use that energy to manifest your life plan and livestream the mind of God. When you get on the joy of gratitude and countimg your blessings, you radiate energy that draws things into your life. The right people serendipitously walk across your path. The answer to a troubling question miraculously appears.

So join the group to unlock what Counting Your Life Blessings can do to you and become the Warren Buffet of Happiness


Look What is there for you:


1.Daily Posts and Themes for Gratitude

2. Daily Exercise

3. Power of Group Energies

4. Daily Group Meditation

5. Weekly Heart to Heart session on your queries with Sargam

6. Develop your Heart Chakra /Anahata and make way for Grace

7. Creative Visualization Audio for Attracting Abundance in your life


"The Miracle of Gratitude is that it shifts your perception to such an extent that it changes the world you see"

- Robert Holden, Happiness Expert


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