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Crystal Grids Masterclass, crystal grids are a powerful technology for energising any area of your life. I had to find my own way to learn crystal grids. It took me years to figure out the best techniques. In this master class I will give you the best of all that years of hard work so that you can readily start your journey with crystal grids.

💎What are grids and how do they work
💎Sacred geometry for creating powerful grids
💎How to decide which sacred geometry to use for a specific purpose
💎How to Choose crystals for your grid work
💎Guidelines to start grid work
💎Health Grid ,Love Grid, Abundance Grid, Protection Grid, Success Grid ....
💎Activating your crystal grid

and yes for my pranic healer friends

💎How you can create a grid to support your healing process and clients.

It will be a *90 Minutes* Packed Master Class with a beautiful *E Book* to support you further.

My Master Classes are loved by my friends sharing some of the love shared by them.

*Master Class Experiences*

Thankyou Sargam for an amazing master class on energized space. 
It was not just any master class infact it was masters of master class😊covering health,wisdom ,success and relationship aspects. 
🔸The knowledge about personalized energy number and its use was quiet interesting and informative. 
🔸Great Insight on uses of cyrstals and other objects to energize our home/ workplaces. 
🔸Tips to bring shift in the energy
The best thing about Sargam’s masterclass/session is that they just doesn’t end with the session. We have access to all the links even after the class and Sargam is always there to answer all our queries patiently 😊

Monica Harbhajanka Jain

Loved the masterclass on Energised home n workplace.
Your explanation is excellent and advice is very practical..It can be easily used in day to day life.
I am looking forward to use the tips and colours and the crystals advised today .Thank you Sargam for such a wonderful n informative work shop

Shivali Singh


🙏🏻 Atma Namaste
Awesome sessions Sargam. 
We as healers do healings for patient. But the knowledge and proper use of crystals helps the healing even faster, accurate and with finese. 
Till now i have used the Mandarine Ducks which was a success. 
Now with what I have learned from your sessions, I will be using it in many walks of life - for self and patients too.

Blessings of Rose quartz( Love) , Selenite ( Light), Citrine ( Power) and Honey Calcite ( Prosperity and Abundance). 
Lol... now I can talk in terms of crystals. Lol for you.. lots of Love. 

Smeeta Abhonkar

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