Events & Workshops

19th March

Join for 108 Sharnagati to the teacher @8pm IST 

1st Mar- 4th Mar

Prepare for Shivratri during 3 days of powerful sadhana and pooja using powerful mantras and energy work

10th Feb 9pm IST

You are creating your reality based on your beliefs and accordingly manifest people and situations in life. Most of the time the inner child issues are reflected in failed relationships....


Starting: 9th Feb - 15th Feb

Improve the quality of your relationships by healing the wounds of the past by working with your inner child. A special workshop on healing the inner child related to relationship issues. Make a world a better place by starting to love and heal your relationships.

Jan 6th - 12 pm IST

This first aid Crystals Master Class in treating common ailments focuses on just 12 stones that cover a wide range of applications.

Starting: 17th Jan 

Lay the foundation of an action-packed year aligned with your personal life vision with carefully designed resolutions and goals in the 12 most important areas of your life.

23rd Dec -29th Dec

Count your blessings to unlock the immense power of GRACE. Make these 7 days the best days of 2018 by fuelling it with the power of gratitude.

6th -7th November

Shreem Brzee and Prosperity Meditation in Master Co Voice. Super energies to flood your aura with prosperity energy.

31st Oct - 6th Nov

Daily Meditation using the Great Invocation and MCKS Twin Hearts Meditation to bless and energise your goals and wishes.

21st Oct- 27th Oct

A 7 Day Online Chakra Healing and Cleansing workshop.Harmonise Your Chakras to Enhance your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health

19th August 12.30 PM IST

Crystal grids are a powerful technology for energising any area of your life using crystals and sacred geometry.

Available On Demand

A home or work space that’s vibing with feel-good energy is one that you feel at home in, that you feel positive in, that inspires creativity & good conversation.

8th Jul - 5th Aug

28 Days of Pranic Healing, Psychological healing and crystal therapy for a closed group of women going through PCOS or Ovarian Cysts

9th June

What are wealth crystals, how to choose your personal wealth crystals , wealth and success grids...

On Demand

Carrying a crystal pouch or bag of crystals is one of the most versatile and oldest modalities for crystal healing. You can hang your healing crystal bags in your home, carry them with you in your purse, place them on your nightstand or even under your pillow. And the possibility of crystal healing stones combinations is endless!

On Demand

Beauty doesn't just have to be about applying expensive cosmetics or covering up blemishes and skin issues. Nature's gifted us with plenty of organic, natural elements, and the best part is that they're mostly on our kitchen shelves, or in our gardens. So here's a dekko at some of the best beauty secrets hidden in plain sight, and how you can use these for enhancing the gifts God gave you - great skin, lustrous hair, and an ever lovely smile!

On Demand

Learn how to work with crystal to enhance your beauty. Which crystals to use for Youthful Skin Reducing & Hair loss and more...

17th February

Heal the unhealed aspects of you, in this empowering innerchild group healing session. Erase your fears, insecurities and pain by embracing your inner child. 

Every Month on New Moon

The new moon holds the promise of a new beginning, of new life. The energy is quiet, intuitive, and deeply spiritual. As the old cycle ends, it offers a chance to reset our intentions and begin anew. Take this time to reflect and consider what you want to manifest before the next full moon

Starting : 13th Jan - 28th Jan

Lay the foundation of an action packed year aligned with your personal life vision with carefully designed resolutions and goals in the 12 most important areas of your life.

On Demand

In this beautiful video course Experience the most amazing LOVE of your life ..SELF LOVE. 7 Days of Indulgence into SELF LOVE and Appreciation to create a stunning, radiating YOU!

26th June - 17th Jul

Learn to Heal your Relationships using the power of Group Healing, Meditation, Blessing, Forgiveness and powerful energy healing techniques. Sargam has been running this event for past 4 years and has more than 1200 happy clients.

17th June - 7th July

21 days to work with your self sabotaging subconscious belief's about money , success, wealth ,fame ...a rigorous program

23rd April - 29th April

Special seven days of 'Meditation and Blessings' during the auspicious "Wesak" week to build energies for Manifestation in any area/dimension of your Life. "It is in Giving We Receive" - MCKS

14th April -  5th May

“Manifesting your perfect weight is a natural result of realigning with your true self ” – Marianne Williamson. Understand weight loss from an energetic and emotional point of view and start losing that stubborn fat and improve your self-image.

5th Aug - 11th  August

Count your blessings to unlock the immense power of Grace. 7 Days of Counting Blessings in your life using powerful group meditation and guidance. Open yourself to new possiblities and expereince the power of grace in your life.

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