New Moon Manifestation Masterclass Duration : 60

Lunar calendar was extremely important in the eastern philosophy and most of us in India still have our horoscopes that are based on moon signs. Moon is a deeply regarded celestial body and represents the astral body (emotions) and though it does not have a light of its own it reflects the light of the sun and you can feel the power of this celestial body during the full moon when the high tides happen in the mighty oceans. The astral body is represented by water and it is esoterically connected with the moon.
The new moon holds the promise of a new beginning, of new life. The energy is quiet, intuitive, and deeply spiritual. As the old cycle ends, it offers a chance to reset our intentions and begin anew. Take this time to reflect and consider what you want to manifest before the next full moon.

This Masterclass will unfold to you the Awesome Manifestation Ritual for New Moon in easy to do steps , it is very well explained in a step by step video and Sargam shares a Powerful Crystal Grid for Manifestation.

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What the participants have to say.

"It is really bringing abundance in my life in many areas. I can see abundance in my finances, love, prosperity , my business is flourishing. I recommend this class to everyone."

- Bhanu Shankar (Arhatic Yogi)

It has opened several new opportunities in my life. I recommend the masterclass , I never knew New Moon Manifestation Rituals can be so powerful. I also loved the gridwork.

Lopamudra Lopamudra (Arhatic Yogi)


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